The Mountains Edge Metropolitan District is located in Jefferson County.  A Metropolitan District is a unit of local government authorized by Article 1 of Title 32 of he Colorado State Statutes.  The District provides public improvements and services to its property owners, residents and the general public.  This website offers information about the District's programs and services.

  Notices of Public Meeting - additional information available on the meetings page.  
       Meeting Notice - November 10, 2020  (Begins at 12:30 p.m.)  
  Waste Management  
       Safety and Bag Your Trash  (Essential Service - March 27, 2020)  
  2020 Recycling Calendar (What to and do not recycle)  
  Colorado Senate Bill 2009-87 Compliance: In 2009 Colorado enacted legislation requiring information about metropolitan and special districts be disclosed and available to District constituents.

     District Transparency Notice - 2020


  At this time please see our Contacts page for informational inquiries regarding Mountains Edge Metropolitan District.     
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